Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Q. What is Coyne's experience in the uniform rental business?
A. Coyne has been renting uniforms and shop towels since 1929. In fact, Coyne was one of the first uniform rental companies in the United States and many of the procedures that ensure quality and customer satisfaction that are in use today were at Coyne.

Q. Is Coyne large enough to handle a large manufacturing plant or a company with locations across the country?
A. Coyne Textile Services is one of the largest privately-owned uniform rental companies in the U.S. We own 31 locations and serve customers nationwide through our Apparel Services Network.

Q. Is Coyne too big to handle my small, single-location business?
A. Each Coyne location operates as a local business, run by local people serving local companies. We've built an enviable reputation for serving the needs of small businesses from the local auto-service company to the local supermarket and everything in between.

Q. I've never used a uniform rental company before. What are the benefits of renting?
A. Research showed that most companies and consumers (83%) felt that being able to identify a company's employees by having them in uniform was a critical factor in their decision to do business with that company. Uniforms work to:

Q. How concerned should I be that my uniform rental company have environmentally safe wastewater treatment and processing systems?
A. If you use shop towels, printer towels, furniture towels, uniforms or absorbents that absorb solvents, inks, chemicals and other hazardous materials in your workplace, and you send those items to a uniform rental company that does not properly process and handle its wastewater and sediments, you could be at risk for environmental liability. Coyne is an industry leader in wastewater treatment systems that are so effective, they go far beyond just protecting the environment, they also protect you from environmental liability.

Q. We've had experience with the giant uniform companies. Why is Coyne better?
A. Coyne is family-owned, family-operated business. We know first-hand how important value is in maintaining long-term profitability. That's why we work so hard for our customers. And since we are independently owned, we are free to do what's right for the customer even when it might not be profitable to do so.

Q. How do I know if a uniform rental service or other service that Coyne offers is right for my business?
A. A trained, professional Coyne's Business Development Executive (BDE) performs a free, no obligation needs analysis based on a careful review of your facilities and listing closely to your specific needs. Based on the results of this analysis, your BDE can confidently recommend the correct type(s) of uniforms, fabrics and colors, advise you how to reduce slip-and-fall accidents with the correct number and placement of mats, or reduce your environmental liability by using Coyne's unique towel service or Reusable Absorbent Systems products.

Q. I've decided to use Coyne's local uniform service, what do I do now?
A. Simply contact your local Coyne BDE or the local Coyne plant (a listing is found under About Coyne on this web site). Your BDE will schedule a time to measure your employees for new uniforms, and will carefully explain the service and review the contract. It's that easy!