Effective January 31, 2014.
New EPA rules affecting printer and furniture towels now in force.


For over 84 years, Coyne has been the industry leader in environmentally sound handling and cleaning of shop towels and reusable absorbents, using state-of-the-art wash systems, compliant pick-up, delivery and handling, waste water treatment and industry-leading beneficial re-use of volatiles extracted from our shop towels. With EPA’s revision of the “Shop Towel Rule” under EPA regulation 40 C.F.R., we are more committed than ever to providing you products and services that meet and exceed compliance and protect your business! Please read the reverse of this card to learn more about how we serve you better and safer.

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Coyne Cares About The Environment & Customer Safety

Did you know that you are at risk of environmental liability every time you toss out hazardous-waste-laden rags, paper towels, clay & synthetic absorbents and other materials? It's true.

Every company that sends hazardous waste materials to landfills could have to pay for environmental clean-up should a landfill fail to contain contaminants. Cleanup costs could run into the millions of dollars. Worse, the environmental impact could be felt for generations ...read more >

There is a difference between Coyne reusable printer and furniture towels and all others. That difference benefits and helps protect your business.

What are the changes to the EPA Shop Towel Rule?
The rule revision under RCRA conditionally excludes from further regulation solvent-contaminated wipes that are cleaned and reused. ASSURANCE: Coyne meets and exceeds all regulations for handling, processing and transporting your reusable towels.

How does Coyne safely handle and transport solvent-laden towels?
ASSURANCE: Though removal of free liquids remains your responsibility, Coyne transports all soiled towels in UN1H2/Y200/S compliant sealed and labeled containers. From pickup to delivery, Coyne meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

Does Coyne send anything to landfills that could pose a risk to my business?
ASSURANCE: Coyne does not send volatile contaminants to a landfill which avoids landfill liability. All volatile materials removed from your towels are collected in our unique waste-to-energy system and beneficially reused as supplemental fuel in cement kilns. Only Coyne avoids landfill.

How should I document compliance within the 180-day wipes accumulation time limit?
ASSURANCE: Coyne’s invoice or service contract that describes the frequency and pick-up schedule is the easiest and most convenient method to ensure you are in compliance.

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